Quiz competition for School Day

Quiz competition for School Day

A maths quiz competition was organised on the occasion of School Day on 7 November 2022. Teams from fifth to eighth grade participated in this competition. The students competed in knowledge of the material, solving logical problems, speed and accuracy in communicating the results.


In the first game on the Quizizz application, each student earned points for their team by independently solving a quiz with tasks from the current material.

In the second game, the team solved 5 logic problems together.

Although all participants showed exceptional knowledge, the departments with their representatives stood out as the best:

-5-1 Maša Simić;

-6-1 Maša Tanasijević; Costa Hill;

-7-3 Ema Radulović, Uroš Marsenić, Bogdan Veselinović and Luka Mitrović;

-8-2 Mila Urošević, Ana Krulj, Koča Đerić and Luka Alčevski.


The winners received their diplomas at a ceremony on the school day.

The tasks were prepared by Aleksandra Šijan and teachers Katarina Ivanović, Aleksandra Šijan and Biljana Kojić were involved in organising the competition.

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