Protection and improvement of health

Protection and improvement of the environment aims to acquire knowledge about social, natural, economic and technical phenomena that change, enrich or threaten the environment.

Educational tasks are:

    • developing positive attitudes towards nature and the values created by nature and work

    • enhancement of the local and wider environment

    • acquiring knowledge of biological, physical, chemical, historical, geographical and production characteristics of nature and the inhabited environment

    • acquiring knowledge and forming an appropriate attitude towards the design of schools, settlements, the cultivation of seedlings and the maintenance of parks

    • design of school yard and care of monuments

Education for humanization of relations between people and sexes has the following tasks:

    • educating students to value equally the abilities and work results of both sexes in order to eliminate prejudices about the inferiority of one sex

    • creating an awareness of the natural relationship between man and man

    • development of friendly feelings, mutual appreciation and respect for other people

    • learning about the role of love and sexuality in a person’s life

    • being with peers on a daily basis, helping each other and making certain sacrifices to give others the opportunity to express themselves in work and play

    • learning to listen attentively to others

    • to develop the need to participate in solidarity actions

    • to acquire habits of consideration for younger comrades, the elderly and the sick

In the implementation of this program, in addition to the class teachers, subject teachers, heads of departments, professional staff and peer team members, external collaborators of the Municipal Red Cross organization were also involved.

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